Eye Candy | Tila Tequila (Nguyen)

28 02 2008

Bi-sexual bachelorette, reality star, muscian and MySpace superstar, Tila (Tequila) Nguyen has finally hit the big time. After all of her accomplishment, she finally gets her chance to shine as the subject of “Eye Candy.”

A native of Singapore, Tila moved to Hollywood looking for stardom at the age of 18. While chillin’ at the mall, she was approached to pose nude for Playboy and turned them down. Several years later, Nguyen did an about face and made her Playboy debut. The following year, she joined myspace under the name of Tila Tequila. Her page has been viewed over 50 million times. Tila currently has a new music video out by name of “Stripper Friends”.

So if you want to see Tila on the stripper pole and some good girl-on-girl action, we guess her new video is for you.

If you are curious to see what Tila looks like butt-naked, click here.




3 responses

15 03 2008
Jen Love

She is a nice piece of eye candy…did you see her naked pics and videos?? [NSFW] http://humperville.com/viewtopic.php?t=276

6 04 2008

dude you should go to her website or something bc your info is pretty off target (e.g., she was born in singapore but she moved to texas when she was 1 and grew up in houston and she didn’t wait several years to pose for playboy, she’s not that old)

9 01 2010

one thing without doubt, she is one sexy babe. Maybe not a supermodel but who wants one when you can have tila?!

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