FilmGordon is a film critic who has been reviewing either for print, radio, TV and new media since 1992. In 2000, he created the Black Reel Awards to annually honor African-Americans performances in theatrical, independent and television films. Currently, he serves as the Executive Director for The Foundation for the Advancement of African Americans in Film (FAAAF) AND since 2002 has served as the founding President of the Washington, DC Area Film Critics Association (WAFCA).

In 2003, he joined an esteemed panel of notable film critics including Roger Ebert, Peter Travers and Mike Clark to celebrate the 75th Anniversary of the Academy Awards by selecting the Best of Best Picture winners for USA Today. Each critic submitted a small essay supporting their selection (for the record, FilmGordon chose “The Godfather” as his favorite film).  Since 2005, he also has been one of several film/entertainment critics for the PBS station’s, WETA-TV “Around Town.”

An avid movie watcher, FilmGordon estimates that he has watched over 10,000 movies in his career! (No fooling!)

Oh yeah, did we mention that he really LOVES movies?

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40 responses

27 02 2008

Have a nice day !

28 04 2008
Nick Plowman

Awesome blog! I am new to this film critic thing myself, and it sure is fun

6 09 2008

Wow. I really like your site. Keep up the great work.

11 09 2008

Love reading the site, great posts and a special thank you for the screenings!!

22 09 2008

Hi webmaster!

25 11 2008
Mike Shubbuck

Great blog. Keep the advance screening passes coming!

12 12 2008
Pam Pelham

Great site. The site is extremely informative! I would love to recieve advance screening passes.

15 12 2008
Kathi Lightfoot

I love your site, and I especially love the advance screening opportunities. Best of all, you actually answer your email. Many thanks!! I wish you continued success!

2 01 2009
Lady Di

Wonder how come I’m just reading this page!?!? Anyhow, I love movies too but we know not as much as you. And with that said, good night!!

26 01 2009
Quentin Guillory

Love the blog. I recently found it in Dec. 08 and it has quickly become one of my favs. I check daily for updates and images of all the beauties. Keep shining.

28 01 2009
Shanika Whitehurst

I met you last night at Gallery Place. I was in line to go see New in Town and you were going to see Taken. I love movies too if you could not tell. I like your website a lot and hope I will get a chance to go to some advanced screenings with you.

1 02 2009

Check out the prologue to our feature….it features Joseph Marcell from the Fresh Prince, Silvio Simac from Undisputed 2 and transporter 2

10 02 2009
Angeline Neal

Very interesting reading.

12 02 2009

whts up…….holla at us……

16 02 2009
B. Breezy

Every now and then I google my name to see what’s out there and to my pleasant surprise I find a very nice write-up on me in your blog. THANKS!!!! 🙂

27 02 2009

Film Gordon – I really like your blog and enjoy your thoughtful and unique commentary.

Would you let me know how to contact you with a specific question about your site?

Thank you!

28 03 2009

I love your site. Keep it up !

3 04 2009

Hi webmaster! efp

4 04 2009

Great site!

29 04 2009
Ms G

I met a fan of yours at the screening for NEXT DAY AIR last night so I hope to become a new fan.

2 05 2009

I have not seen 10,000 movies but I have been a movie buff/fan since the 1950s when my Mom used to walk me to one of three movie theaters near our house on the South side of Chicago. After a stint in Vietnam, I found that movies allowed me to vent/blow off steam and anxieties, so I have been going almost weekly ever since 1970. I am now retired and find myself still drawn to the silver screen. Should mention my love of foreign films (“Bien sur!” o “Por supuesto.”) too!

Looking forward to seeing you in the theater someday.

3 06 2009
phil mitchell

I have been searching for this stuff on Google and Yahoo and kept seeing coming across your site so I thought I would drop by and check your site out. Thanks for the useful and informative stuff you have here – what do you think are the best ways to quit smoking?

3 06 2009
brothers bloom

I found your site while browsing on google I’ve just added you to my yahoo rss Reader. Just wanted to say” keep up the good work” and congrats on a job well done! I am looking forward to reading more from you in the future. maybe we can swap links sometime?

12 06 2009

I like the blog additions!

24 06 2009
Stacy Gilliam

Proud of you TG! Love how the site has evolved. Keep it up! 🙂

12 08 2009

I would love to proudly say that I have seen 10,000 movies. Maybe one day I will. I have been impressed with the quality of movies in the theater lately. There have been so many family movies that everyone of every age could enjoy. There are a great number of dramas, independent, action, etc. that are interesting and different. And last night for the very first time, I saw a movie with a soundtrack that I liked very much. There is nothing like going to the theater to see a movie on the big screen with a friend, family member or alone.

21 08 2009
Joey Love


Baltimore, MD

10 09 2009
satura jackson

I’m a newbie in this site but I loved seeing the movie and I hope I get better at using the site and all the good info that it has

1 10 2009
Ralph Bell

You make me feel like I’m not alone in the world. I absolutely love movies and sometimes go to see two in a day. Dramas, comedies, chick flicks, horror, indies….you name it I appreciate the genre.

16 10 2009
Carla Sewell

I am like a 2 year old w/ this site! Very, very, very inquisitive and can’t get enough of the read! thanks!

20 11 2009
kechelle harvey

mr gordon i would like to thank you for giving people like myself chances to go to the movies with friends and family in rough times like these. money is very tight and to be able to still have entertainment night with the children is wonderful feeling. my GOD continue to bless you and your staff. thank again

Kechelle harvey

baltimore market

14 01 2010

Do you get passes for baltimore maryland I see alot of Washington. To far for me to go

20 01 2010

I want to thank you for giving free movie passes to all of us movie lovers. I love your site and find that your site is one of the sites that stand behind their word and do give out movie passes with out alot of strings attached. Thank you so much!

20 01 2010

Thanks for being my buddy on FB!

6 02 2010
Stace England

Great site, love the information on Oscar Micheaux, we just did a CD about his life, can I send you one?

NPR Story on the project here, thanks:

30 03 2010


14 04 2010
Zina Brown

I keep getting invites to screenings but no location. I only get dates and times. Am I missing something? Because I am really looking forward to attending the screenings.

22 05 2010

excellent site..

26 08 2010
tt stern-enzi (clinkscales)

love the site, thought i would see if you’re going to Toronto, maybe we can finally catch up in person over a screening or two

10 01 2012
Janet Johnson

Someone please give me the Baltimore location for the Joyful Noise screening this evening. The code I received is for Silver Spring, which is not my local area.

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