Eye Candy | More Ninel Conde

31 01 2008

Recently, we profiled Mexican singer/actress Ninel Conde comparing her rocky nuptials to Eddie Murphy and Tracey Edmonds.

Not only us, but men around the globe are waiting to find out if her marriage will be contested and void. Not that we will benefit in any way, it just gives us an opportunity to post MORE pictures of this Latin beauty!

Until next time (believe me, there will be a next time) enjoy!


Since word got out about Juan Zepeda never finalizing his divorce with ex Miss Ecuador, María Sol Corral has responded by hiding-out at her mother’s house.

Even more dirt on Zepeda has come out including news that he was arrested in 1998 for fraud and spent several months in prison.

Sounds like there a hottie on the loose!




7 responses

23 02 2008

this is the best looking women i ever seen

23 02 2008

feel free to write to me Ninel

14 06 2008

estas bien buena

13 09 2008

is the bestttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt super … veryy nice

4 10 2008
nephtalie sagesse

OMG,you verry nice Go Girl,is the best.

8 01 2009

God you guys are losers. You think Ninel Conde checks these pages or is even fluent in English?

She has better things to do than hit up lonely guys on the internet who think complementing her on her “niceness” is going to win her heart.

20 08 2009

then what are you doing michael? you’re a loser too. at least they’re complimenting the girl, you’re just typing to the guys. now i work on a desk. i do nothing but google all day and i’m an admirer of ninel, she’s nice to look at but has had work done to look this nice. she’s pretty but she wouldn’t be the same if she went back to her a cups. later.

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