DVD Den | Mafia

29 03 2013


Mafia is a crime flick in the tradition of New Jack City starring Ving Rhames as Renzo,a psychotically violent aspiring crime kingpin hoping to take over the whole city with the help of his crew.

Indie Classics | Drop Squad

23 06 2012

Spike Lee has always been a provocative filmmaker who translated his experiences into memorable and indeliable images of African-Americans. One of the films put his name on was drama examining class warfare in the Black community, Drop Squad. Read the rest of this entry »

DVD Den | Pirahna 3D

12 01 2011

by Kam Williams

DVD Features Man-Eating Fish Attacking Teens on Spring Break
This campy B-flick is the best offering from the tongue-in-cheek horror genre since Snakes on a Plane, another gratuitous gore fest with a good sense of humor. But its plot reads more like Jaws, given that the story unfolds in a resort town at the height of the tourist season. Read the rest of this entry »

Reel Shorts | Piranha 3D

20 08 2010

This feature first appeared in Jet Magazine.com. To read this review at its original source, click here.

Director Steven Spielberg was the first filmmaker to warn audiences that it was not safe to go into the water. Apparently, while times have changed, the threat remains very real as prehistoric piranhas are unleashed on a group of college students on spring break in the satisfying horror film, “Piranha 3D.” Read the rest of this entry »

13 Favorite Gangster Movies

3 07 2009

For over 80 years, Hollywood has had a delicious and decadent fascination with movie mobsters. With the release of Michael Mann latest high octane gangster film, “Public Enemies,” we thought we would spotlight our 13 Favorite Gangster Movies! Read the rest of this entry »