Reel Shorts | Olympus Has Fallen

22 03 2013


Director Antoine Fuqua’s follow-up to his gritty police drama, Brooklyn’s Finest is a rousing patriotic, no-holds barred action thriller that puts a new, yet predictable spin while simultaneously updating the Die Hard blueprint for a new generation in the jingoistic, Olympus Has Fallen. Read the rest of this entry »

FilmGordon Radio | Olympus Has Fallen Cast

20 03 2013


This week on the BIG show, host Tim Gordon sits down for a conversation with the talented cast from the upcoming action thriller, Olympus Has Fallen. Read the rest of this entry »

DVD Den | The Bounty Hunter

10 07 2010

by Kam Williams

DVD Features Battle of the Exes 
Milo (Gerard Butler) and Nicole (Jennifer Aniston) were only married a few years before divorcing because he was such a pompous jerk. Nothing much has changed since, except that he’s no longer a cop in the NYPD, having been fired for the same sort of immature behavior that cost him his marriage.

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Reel Shorts | The Ugly Truth

24 07 2009


Katherine Heigl squares off with Gerard Butler in the highly-charged battle of the sexes in the sometimes entertaining, yet predictable romantic comedy, “The Ugly Truth.” Just a passing glance at this movie probably explains why it is so difficult for people to meet and fall in love . . . as well as take these kinds of stories serious, as well. Colorado Springs Gazette guest critic, Brandon Fibbs examines some of the film’s “Ugly Truths.”

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