Cover Girls | House of Lies

22 03 2013


One of our favorite shows is the Don Cheadle Showtime series, House of Lies. While it is wonderful to see Cheadle’s award-winning performances, weekly, the true highlight are the lovely ladies that populate the cast of this edgy drama. Read the rest of this entry »

First Look | Flight

20 06 2012

Two-time Oscar winner Denzel Washington is no Superman, but his latest film shows that he really can fly in the drama, Flight. Read the rest of this entry »

Belafonte Doc Kicks Off Sundance ’11

21 01 2011

The Sundance Film Festival kicked off  Thursday night with a new look — four feature films instead of only one, including a documentary about calypso singer Harry Belafonte and a teen lesbian drama that both drew rave reviews. Read the rest of this entry »

DVD Den | Iron Man 2

28 09 2010

by Kam Williams

DVD Features Downey in Sequel as Marvel Comics Superhero
What makes “Iron Man” stand apart from other comic book superheroes is the title character’s savoir faire. Billionaire inventor Tony Stark is always quick with the clever quip, whether reacting flirtatiously to the arrival of a new employee (“I want one!”), impulsively entering the Monaco Grand Prix (“What’s the point of owning a race car if you can’t drive it?”), or dismissing an insufferable adversary (“You look like you have friends in low places.”). Read the rest of this entry »

Snipes Loses Court Appeal

17 07 2010

Film star Wesley Snipes lost his latest bout with the IRS when a federal court in Atlanta upheld tax evasion convictions charges against the actor. Read the rest of this entry »

DVD Den | Brooklyn’s Finest

6 07 2010

by Kam Williams

Griity NYPD Crime Caper Comes to DVD 
This gruesome splatter flick directed by Antoine Fuqua trades in profanity, ethnic slurs and gratuitous violence in service of a high attrition-rate crime whodunit designed for the blood sport demo. What makes the film unique is its triangulated plotline which keeps its three strands fairly insulated from each other until the dramatic conclusion when the protagonists’ paths finally cross. Read the rest of this entry »

10 Fearless Movie Fathers

19 06 2010

This feature first appeared in Jet To read this review at its original source, click here.

Throughout the long history of films, no member of the family has been more misunderstood than “dear old dad.” While Hollywood has routinely portrayed African-Americans fathers either as comic relief, absent or negatively, these men have largely been an afterthought in mainstream films until recently.

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Reel Shorts | Iron Man 2

7 05 2010

by Kam Williams

Marvel kicks off the summer movie season with one of the year’s most anticipated films, “Iron Man 2.” Kam Williams reviews this comic book blockbuster. Read the rest of this entry »