Black Film Classics | Karmen Gei

1 06 2010

Like a shooting comet across the sky, sultry and sexy Senegalese actress Djeïnaba Diop Gaï ignites the screen and in the process is closer to the essence of the original character of Carmen then shall we dare say Beyonce AND Dorothy Dandridge in “Karmen Gei.” Read the rest of this entry »

Black Film Classics | The Hurricane

3 04 2009


Ten years ago, two-time Oscar winner Denzel Washington gave arguably one of his finest performances of his long distinguished career in the emotionally stirring prison drama, “The Hurricane.” Read the rest of this entry »

Black Film Classics | A Soldier’s Story

13 03 2009

25 years ago, a talented ensemble of actors created a classic piece of cinema, “A Soldier’s Story, that resonates with as much power today as when it was first released in 1984. In an orbit of talented stars, veteran Adolph Caeser’s searing performance was the center of this powerful drama. Read the rest of this entry »