Eye Candy | Simply Coco

6 01 2009

Glamor model and Ice-T’s dimepiece, Coco has been keeping a low profile. Until the inevitable next sighting, we decided to give you another taste of your favorite “vanilla chunky monkey.” Read the rest of this entry »


Eye Candy | Even More Coco

23 12 2008

As the year races to a close, the writers of this blog have all paid homage to the wonders of Coco’s “butter.” Ice-T’s dimepiece shows off her “chunky monkey” on the cover of Juice Magazine. Read the rest of this entry »

Eye Candy | Even More Coco

27 06 2008

Earlier this week, Ice-T, Coco and crew were on hand for a round of Celebrity Family Feud. Their early exit is why Coco doesn’t quit her day job – whatever that is! Read the rest of this entry »

Eye Candy | Mayra Veronica

11 04 2008

For men that have been salivating at the sexy curves of Nicole “Coco” Marrow or Kim Kardashian, Cuba model, Mayra Veronica’s voluptuous “ass-ets” needs to be added to that conversation. Read the rest of this entry »

Eye Candy | More Nicole “Coco” Marrow

20 03 2008

Last month, we unleashed the “a– that roared” and our site visitors went CRAZY! We’ve dug through our archives to give you another glimpse of the bodacious funk that is Nicole “Coco” Marrow’s legendary backside. Read the rest of this entry »

Battle to the Finish | Vida Guerra vs. Coco

19 03 2008





In our latest battle to the finish, its man versus machine as the potentially artificially enhanced “Queen Camel Toe,” Nicole “Coco” Austin face off against Cuba’s own bombshell, Vida Guerra.

Read the rest of this entry »

Eye Candy | Nicole “Coco” Marrow

17 02 2008

This month in Playboy Magazine, Queen Camel Toe aka Nicole “Coco” Austin gets up close and REAL personal about her “ass”-ets. Whether her cheeks are enhanced or talking about the “brain game,” Coco keeps it real – or at least as close as possible. Read the rest of this entry »