Soul Cinema | Coonskin

7 02 2011

The latest entry in our series is a movie sure to divide the audience, the controversial 1975 animated/live action film, Coonskin. Originally boycotted prior to it’s release by CORE for being racist, the film is a forerunner for projects such as Spike Lee’s Bamboozled and Aaron McGruder’s series, The Boondoocks. The opening theme song may be a challenge for some! Read the rest of this entry »

Soul Cinema | Cornbread, Earl and Me

5 02 2011

The latest film that we will spotlight this month is very special to me. In addition to an amazing cast of veteran and respected actors, little Larry Fishburne made his debut in this engrossing 1975 drama, Cornbread, Earl and Me. He is credited as Laurence Fishburne III and co-starred with Moses Gunn, Rosalind Cash, Bernie Casey and Madge Sinclair. Read the rest of this entry »

Soul Cinema | Trick Baby

3 02 2011

Our cinematic journey through 1970’s Black film introduces a rarely-seen gem about two con-artsts, one an elderly Black man and the other his White accomplished better known as Trick Baby. The film stars Kiel Martin and Mel Stewart, in a very different role from our earlier selection, The Landlord. Read the rest of this entry »

Soul Cinema | The Landlord

2 02 2011

Today’s Soul Cinema entry is one of my favorite films from the 1970s that dealt with race and class, The Landlord. Director Hal Ashby‘s directorial debut starred a young Beau Bridges as well as Pearl Bailey, Diana Sands, Louis Gossett, Jr. and featured an Best Supporting Actress Oscar performance from Lee Grant. Read the rest of this entry »

Black Film Classics | For the Love of Ivy

15 08 2010

Late actress Abbey Lincoln played a live-in domestic who wants to leave her cushy job for a better, more independent life in the city over the objections of her employers in the romantic comedy, “For the Love of Ivy.” Read the rest of this entry »

We Remember | Vonetta McGee

16 07 2010

The woman who was once described as “one of the busiest and most beautiful black actresses” of the 1970s, Vonetta McGee has died. McGee was 65. Read the rest of this entry »

10 Fearless Movie Fathers

19 06 2010

This feature first appeared in Jet To read this review at its original source, click here.

Throughout the long history of films, no member of the family has been more misunderstood than “dear old dad.” While Hollywood has routinely portrayed African-Americans fathers either as comic relief, absent or negatively, these men have largely been an afterthought in mainstream films until recently.

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Black Film Classics | Karmen Gei

1 06 2010

Like a shooting comet across the sky, sultry and sexy Senegalese actress Djeïnaba Diop Gaï ignites the screen and in the process is closer to the essence of the original character of Carmen then shall we dare say Beyonce AND Dorothy Dandridge in “Karmen Gei.” Read the rest of this entry »