Reel Shorts | Olympus Has Fallen

22 03 2013


Director Antoine Fuqua’s follow-up to his gritty police drama, Brooklyn’s Finest is a rousing patriotic, no-holds barred action thriller that puts a new, yet predictable spin while simultaneously updating the Die Hard blueprint for a new generation in the jingoistic, Olympus Has Fallen. Read the rest of this entry »


FilmGordon Radio | Olympus Has Fallen Cast

20 03 2013


This week on the BIG show, host Tim Gordon sits down for a conversation with the talented cast from the upcoming action thriller, Olympus Has Fallen. Read the rest of this entry »

Bassett Going “Green!”

25 03 2010

One of Hollywood’s most unappreciated jewels, Angela Bassett is getting in on the comic book adapation craze by landing a role in the upcoming film, “Green Lantern,” currently shooting in New Orleans. Read the rest of this entry »

Now Playing | Gospel Hill

23 08 2009

Over the weekend, this small independent film that has been touring film festivals around the country opened for theatrical release. With such a distinguished cast why it took so long to hit theaters has us scratching our collective heads! Read the rest of this entry »

Bassett Preps for Her Directorial Debut!

5 03 2009

Following in the footsteps of colleagues such as Laurence Fishburne and Denzel Washington, Oscar-nominated actor Angela Bassett is making the transition to working behind the camera. Read the rest of this entry »

Reel Reviews | “Notoriously” Narrow; Harvey Soars!

16 01 2009

The meteoric rise and sudden fall of one of hip-hop greatest M.Cs., Christopher Wallace aka Biggie Smalls  is given the big-screen treatment in the surprisingly effective, yet uninformative musical biopic, “Notorious.” Read the rest of this entry »

Beautiful Bassett Named Sexiest Mature Diva

16 07 2008

While Halle Berry may be the “Sexiest Black Woman Alive,” it is not her but the beautiful and under-appreciated Angela Bassett who is sitting at the top spot of a new poll measuring ultra-sexiness. Read the rest of this entry »