Trailer Park | 2 Guns

30 03 2013


Five-time Black Reel Award winner Denzel Washington’s upcoming film takes him to some unfamiliar territory teaming with Mark Wahlberg in the action crime drama, 2 Guns.

Based on a graphic novel of the same name by Boom! Studios, the film tells the story of an elaborate scam has a DEA agent (Washington) and a Naval Intelligence Officer (Wahlberg) investigating one another in belief they are stealing money from the mob.

The film, originally a vehicle for Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson, was reconfigured for Washington and Walberg. We’ve seen Wahlberg in films like Pain & Gain tackle the buddy genre but for Washington he truly is going into uncharted territory. If the trailer is any indication, the acclaimed actor appears to be having a lot of fun chewing scenery in a concept that we’ve seen executed by many other actors who don’t have his award-winning pedigree.

In this film, Washington also reunites with Deja vu co-star Paula Patton. James Marsden, Bill Paxton,
Edward James Olmos and Fred Ward round out the talented cast.

2 Guns opens on August 2, 2013; check out the trailer, below:



One response

30 03 2013
Carol B.cbajsa

We really love both of these stars: Washington and Wahlbert; so glad it is not Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson. Should be great movie -o can’t wait.

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