Vanessa del Rio Biopic In the Works!

28 03 2013


Hollywood continues to search for ideas that could entertain and educate audiences on the big screen. With the proliferation of porn stars crossing over to mainstream films, it would make sense that producers would want to make a film about one of the biggest stars in the porn industry, the Latin spitfire Vanessa del Rio.

A new feature film on the sexy Latina’s life is in development. Tentatively titled, The Amazing Life of Vanessa del Rio, the filmmakers describe it as Boogie Nights meets Taxi Driver. The film, directed by Thomas Mignone, tells the story of del Rio’s career set against the backdrop of NYC’s then gritty organized crime-controlled Times Square, during the tumultuous 1970s and 1980s.

In addition, the filmmakers have indicated that the biopic will be shot “through the eyes of a young, rebellious del Rio, the ‘Latin From Manhattan.’”

Del Rio began appearing in adult films in 1974. In the span of about 25 years, she became the one of legendary performers of the period for her amazing talent and tremendous film output. She appeared in more than 100 softcore and hardcore films during that period.

Though del Rio retired from adult films in 1986, in part due to the AIDS scare prevalent at the time, she returned shortly thereafter, and continued her porn career until 1999. Afterwards, she remains somewhat active in the adult entertainment industry through her Web site and by making special appearances at award shows and conventions. During and after her porn career, she appeared on many TV shows as herself, including a 1996 episode of NYPD Blue.

Our initial reaction is to cast fellow Latina, Rosario Dawson to play the role. The sexy starlet who has starred in films such Alexander, Sin City and brings the heat in the upcoming drama, Trance, would be the perfect choice in our eyes to topline this story.

Unlike Linda Lovelace, whose career in porn was brief and ended with her as an activist against porn, del Rio’s journey is significantly different. If we could put on our producer hat, there’s no way you make this film if it doesn’t have a lot of sex in it, since that was her calling card. I would almost prefer if the film was made with a foreign film sensibility that is not as puritanical about sex but has no problem with violence. We’re sure del Rio has another side to her personality but the audience is interested in the telling of the element of her story that we are most familiar with and enjoyed tremendously!!!

If the filmmakers can’t do this beautiful Latina’s life true justice, don’t make this film at all!!!




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