Eye Candy | Melanie Marden

19 03 2013

marden 7

Hottie Melanie Marden combines smarts, looks and talent in a beautiful package. Her latest films, the Ving Rhames’ starrer, Mafia may just be the film that gets her noticed.

The crime drama, has been on the shelf since 2011 set in the 1970s, stars Rhames as ruthless crime boss Renzo Wes, who wreaks havoc on the streets. . . until he crosses the wrong detective. Played by Pam Grier, the cynical cop is determined to stop him and his crew, and is willing to break the law to do it. She works with partner Robert Patrick, a good-guy cop who joins Grier’s obsession for revenge when Renzo crosses someone he loves.

Marden plays the sister of the ruthless crime boss who has a connection to the detectives stalking him. A truly self-made woman, this Canadian and British celebrity comes to Los Angeles as the total package. Her looks make her impossible to miss, and she radiates enough energy to save California from rolling blackouts, but that is only the beginning of what makes this smoldering blue-eyed brunette unique.

An aggressive business woman, Melanie began to build her empire at the age of 21. Simultaneously managing her successful career in film and television, she opened her first day spa in Canada at the age of 21. Canada’s hottest new star added a second location before she sold the business to make the move to LA.

Besides her current high profile projects, Marden has displayed her diversity with roles in “Mutant X”, a spin off from the Blockbuster “X- Men” films which cast her as a voluptuous vixen with extraordinary physical prowess – an easy task for the martial arts trained Marden who performed all her own stunts for the series. Working along side Tom Sizemore shooting “The Pete Rose Story” “was quite an experience” says Marden. “I finally got to work with Peter Bogdonavic and he was an absolute pleasure.”

Still new on the scene and busy with her entertainment career, Melanie hand-picked an elite team of spa experts to build “High Maintenance.” This high-end mobile spa service caters to the most discerning clients, and is the foundation of what Melanie intends to grow into a global entity.

Producing her first TV show based on High Maintenance, she successfully merged her passions for beauty, business, and entertainment. To follow the action, keep watching your television – she’s just getting started.

Check out some more images of Marden, below:




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