Carey’s “Idol” Praise

24 07 2012

The musical chairs on American Idol continues with Grammy Award winner Jenifer Lopez out and Grammy Award winner Mariah Carey filling her slot.

Carey, who has sold over 200 million albums with 18 number one hits, will pocket a cool $18 mil to help choose America’ next singing sensation on the popular talent show.

Producer Simon Lythgoe stressed that Idol is “still vital” and said the show needed to “keep things fresh.” Carey, for her part is ecstatic to be joining the show. “I am so excited to be joining ‘Idol.’ I wanted to be there today and I wish I could’ve been there to tell you, but I think you know this all kind of just happened real quickly, so I can’t wait to get started in a couple months.”

The mult-platinum star has been mentioned in the past as a potential “Idol” judge, with former judge Simon Cowell once having said he would have hired her if she had not at the time been pregnant with her twins.

Her hiring shows that the real money for recording stars these days is on television. Carey joins Christina Aguilera on NBC’s The Voice and Britney Spears and Demi Lovato on Cowell’s current show, X Factor on Fox.

Creator and executive producer Simon Fuller is thrilled as well with Carey’s arrival. “We are proud to have one of the world’s greatest-ever female singers join our show,” said Fuller. “Mariah defines the word ‘Idol’ and will inspire every singer that has the honor of performing in front of her.”

Carey’s move may not be the show’s last. They’re reports that Randy Jackson, the last original judge, may be moving to a different role on the show, stepping off the judge panel to become a mentor. Jackson, Carey’s long-time friend and co-manager, was “instrumental” in bringing Carey to the show.

The former Precious star will going into production this fall reuniting with writer/director/producer Lee Daniels on his next project, The Butler.

Let the games begin!!!!




3 responses

24 07 2012

your article stays Mariah Carey will pocket a cool $12 million, but i’ve seen online and have heard on tv that she’ll be paid $18 million, more than Jennifer Lopez was making. the AI producers wouldn’t pay Paula Abdul what she asked for, yet they’ll bring in new people and pay more. Furthermore, i think it is so ridiculous to pay out that kind of money when so many people are homeless, sick without health benefits, jobless or making minimum wage. i like Mariah Carey ok, but i think the amounts of $$$ like this that are paid to singer, movie stars and athletes are sooooo ridiculous. On that note, i know you just report the news, not pay the people, so good article.

24 07 2012

that should be “paid to singers……”

25 07 2012

Thanks, we went to press before the figures were finalized!

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