Hollywood United in Tragedy

22 07 2012

In wake of the tragic events that occured in Aurora, Colorado last Friday, Hollywood has taken an unprecedented stand to show respect for the victims of the shooting.

According to an article published in both The Hollywood Reporter and Variety, the following edict was issued:

“All of the major studios in Hollywood said Saturday they were joining “Dark Knight Rises” distributor Warner Bros. in withholding their box-office numbers for the weekend. Sony, Fox, Disney, Paramount, Universal and Lionsgate followed Warner Bros.’ lead in forgoing the usual revenue report until Monday out of respect for the victims and their families.”

This is a very delicate situation that will have long-term ramifications for event movies moving forward. Warner Bros. and the creative team behind The Dark Knight Rises had planned to roll out the year’s most anticipated film to eager audiences only to have this tragedy mar an otherwise eventful weekend.

The final installment of the Batman trilogy already faced an uphill battle to match the historic opening weekend of The Avengers but with this unfortunate incident, that seems like an afterthought.

More importantly, as a professional that spends countless hours sitting in movie theaters, the thought that my work environment is not safe continues to give me pause. The movies have always been my escape and a way to experience stories from different perspectives. The gunman took twelve lives that cannot be replaced but what he really took was our innocence that we were safe at the movies. Hopefully, for the Aurora community, over time they can once again enjoy the magic of the movies in peace and leave the troubles of the world – outside of the theater!




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