Conversation with . . . Andrew Garfield

21 06 2012

by Kevin “Chill” Heard | Call & Post

One of our favorite journalists, Kevin “Chill” Heard sat down with The Amazing Spider-Man’s new webmaster, Andrew Garfield as Marvel Comics top superstar discusses taking the iconic role in this re-boot of the successful franchise.

For the most part, Spider-Man has had only one film face – the face of Tobey McGuire. Well, it seems that even our favorite summer-blockbusting web-slinger was due a make-over.

In what has been referred to as a “re-boot” of the Marvel movie Spider-Man franchise, Garfield shakes the cobwebs off Tobey’s blue and red suit (actually a newer more hi-tech suit) to go mondo web crawling.

In New York City with a chance to check on Garfield in the new role as our favorite web-slinger, we asked about the former web-slinger.

“To my knowledge, [Tobey] hasn’t seen the movie but I got feedback from him through casting, when I got cast,” said Garfield. “[Getting that from Tobey] was very, very generous and made me feel I could take the torch with confidence. It’s a testament to him as a person and that we’re all part of that Spiderman family.”

Garfield, who is currently making his Broadway debut in the revival of the famed Arthur Miller prize-winning play “Death of a Salesman,” said “In terms of how I approached this, I just wanted to honor the character, Peter Parker slash Spiderman.”

In this new rendition of an old comic book classic, The Amazing Spider-Man takes us further into the back-story of young Peter Parker, which also includes a love interest – not named Mary Jane! But along with a new story also comes with a new look.

The Amazing Spider-Man was shot in 3D and provides an interesting and exciting look to the story.

But one thing that will never change in the telling of the story and that’s this super hero swings! Garfield beams at the thought of swinging through the film. “I had an amazing time,” exclaimed the newest webmaster. “[They pushed me] … told me to go beyond what I thought I could do and that I would surprise myself.”

Click here to read more of Chill’s interview with Garfield.

“The Amazing Spider-Man” is rated PG-13 and opens nationwide July 13.



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