First Look | Searching for Sugar Man

16 06 2012

Earlier this year after seeing the documentary, Marley, we felt that it was the year’s best . . . until another music documentary grabbed our undivided attention, the mysterious story of Searching for Sugar Man.

This story of the mystery of Sixto Rodriquez, aka Sugar Man, who recorded two albums, Cold Facts and Coming From Reality, in the early 1970s and seemingly vanished. All who worked with the musician/poet thought his artistic abilities even exceeded the great Bob Dylan. Thanks to a couple of South African fans who went on hunt for information about their hero, they helped uncover one of rock music’s greatest mysteries.

The doc directed by Malik Bendjelloul uncovers the mystery, examines his cultural impact and shines a light on under-recognized musical genius.

Searching for Sugar Man will be released in theaters on July 27th; trust us YOU will not be disappointed with this tremendous story!!!!

Clip from Searching for Sugar Man

Rodriquez, Sugar Man from Cold Fact

Rodriquez, Cause from Coming to Reality




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