Reel Music | Prometheus Trailer Theme

8 06 2012

The trailer for Ridley Scott’s latest film, Prometheus has arguably one of the best and most harrowing scores in any that have been released this year. In other words, it is simply AMAZING!!!!

Frequent Scott collaborator Marc Streitenfeld composed the musical score for Prometheus. The score was recorded over one week with a 90-piece orchestra at Abbey Road Studios in London, England, where it was also processed by Scott after the fact.

Streintenfeld began coming up with ideas for the score after reading the script prior to the commencement of filming. To create an “unsettling” sound, he provided the orchestra with reversed music sheets to have them play segments of the score backwards, before then digitally reversing it.

The Prometheus (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) was released on CD earlier this week and features 23 tracks by Streitenfeld, plus two supplemental tracks by composer Harry Gregson-Williams.

While in space, no one can hear you scream, this score will also scare the beejezus out of you, as well!!!

Here’s the trailer




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