FilmGordon Radio | Episode 137

6 06 2012

This week on the BIG show, with Prometheus landing in theaters this Friday, we’ll explore the sci-films that took us unchartered place in the universe and among the stars and we’ll preview the season finale of Mad Men.

Critics and sci-fi geeks, Brandon Fibbs and Daryle Lockhart will stop by to discuss the planetary films that serve as the foundation for Ridley Scott’s latest, including Avatar, Serenity and the Star Wars saga. Plus they will discuss the life and and lasting legacy of the late sci-fi author Ray Bradbury.

Also, Washington Post’s Celebritology blogger Jen Chaney will take a look back at the high and lows at the firm, Sterling Coooper Draper Pryce from AMC’s hit series, Mad Men. Chaney will discuss Don’s trying to adjust to changing times, Pete’s power grab at the agency, the loss of two of the show’s most popular characters and the scandalous new developments from Joan.

Plus,’s Wilson Morales will give us the latest entertainment news and The Movie Mob will stop by to review Peace, Love and Misunderstanding, Madagascar 3: Escape from Europe and Prometheus all on Episode 137 of Keeping It Reel with FilmGordon beginning at 1:30 on FilmGordon Radio!!!



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