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6 01 2012

The first week of the year at the box office is traditionally light and this one is no different with only two movies opening this week. Simply put, Pariah dazzles while The Devil Inside has already secured a spot as one of the worst movies of the year!

Former Spike Lee protege, Dee Rees’ script featuring a young teenager and her family dealing with identity issues is an absolute delight. Pariah, takes viewers inside a world so personal that if feels less like a film and more of a documentary. Rees gets amazing peformances from her cast including first-timer Adepero Oduye, Charles Pernell, Pernell Walker, Aasha Davis and a true star turn from Kim Wayans.

Oduye, who bears a slight resemblance to Celie from The Color Purple, shares similiar characteristics including dealing with heartbreak and sexual expression while trying to discover her voice. Everyone in this film may a pariah but audiences should embrace this winning tale.

Pariah: A-

Speaking of tales, nothing says January like bad movies. There’s something to be said for a movie that so bad that the Devil is pissed off that his name was used. The filmmakers behind the visual poo that is The Devil Inside blantly borrow from so many films this is like a bad horror movie mixtape. There’s a little Paranormal Activity, a dash of The Rite and a healthy scoop of The Exorcist, too boot. Never mind that the audience has seen this story countless times and that all of the action feels choreographed plus the camera work is shaky enough to give one a headache.

The REAL problem with this story of a girl who visits her possessed mother 25 years after she murdered several people is that it literally has no respect for the audience or their time. It creates situations that would NEVER happen in reality with people who should really know better. Even though it’s only the first week of the year, I find it hard to believe that there will be ten movies this year that will be worse than this cinematic stinkbomb. Look for this film to be “inside” my Worst Film of the Year list!!!

The Devil Inside: F




2 responses

6 01 2012

Interesting, I might check it out. Since I don’t watch tv anymore. I just watch dvds and go to the movies. So that means, I never saw any commercials for this movie, great right,lol.

6 01 2012

Bad reviews sometime makes me want to see it, like on dvd to laugh at how bad it is?

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