Foxx Presents “Thunder Soul”

4 02 2011

A couple of years ago, both Tyler Perry and Oprah Winfrey lent their names and weight to get a distribution deal for a Precious. Oscar-winner Jamie Foxx has found his passion project and will present a film about a legend from his hometown in the upcoming documentary, Thunder Soul.

The doc follows the extraordinary alumni from Houston’s storied Kashmere High School Stage Band, who return home after 35 years to play a tribute concert for the 92-year-old Conrad “Prof” Johnson, their beloved band leader who broke the color barrier and transformed the school’s struggling jazz band into a world-class funk powerhouse in the early 1970s.

Foxx, a Texas-native himself and an outspoken advocate of music education in schools, heard about the film after its South by Southwest premiere, and sought it out immediately. “I can’t wait to share Thunder Soul with the world so that everyone can enjoy this one of a kind experience,” said Foxx.  “It’s such an entertaining and inspirational story that touches your soul and awakens the human spirit in the way that only love and the power of music can.”

“Having Jamie Foxx on board with us is incredible,” said Roadside Attractions co-president Eric d’Arbeloff, “and his enthusiasm and excitement for the movie is palpable.  We couldn’t be happier that he’s mentoring the film in the same way that “Prof” mentored his Kashmere High music students to greatness.” Foxx will present Thunder Soul, and will serve as executive producer, along with his FoxxKing Entertainment partner Jaime King.

In addition to the multiple Audience Awards it has won, Thunder Soul received the Jury Award for Best Documentary Feature at the 2010 Indie Memphis Film Festival and was the Heartland Film Festival’s 2010 Crystal Heart Award recipient. The film was also nominated for the International Documentary Association’s Music Award.

Roadside Attractions has not announced a release date for the film.

Click here to check out the trailer on our Reel Clip Board.



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