Marley Documentary Greenlit!

2 02 2011

The life of celebrated Reggae icon, Bob Marley will be the subject of an upcoming documentary by filmmaker Kevin Macdonald. The film will tell coincide with the 30th anniversary of the death of ‘dreadlocked rasta’ and will be produced by Tuff Gong Pictures and Shangri-La Entertainment.

Macdonald, whose upcoming film will be The Eagle, has directed several high-profile documentaries included One Day in September and Touching the Void. It has been reported that he has been granted unpredented access to the Marley’s family’s private archives and will, with their cooperation, attempt a definitive look at the artist’s life and work.

Marley enjoyed universal appeal and impact on music history and his role as a social and political prophet is both unique and unparalleled. His music and message transcend culture, language and creed and resonate around the world today as powerfully as when he was alive. Only a handful of musicians have ever achieved such an impact and Marley, though his life was far too short, stands among them.

Several years ago, Martin Scorcese tried and ultimately failed to bring Marley’s powerful life story to the big-screen. Marley will be released later this year; the legendary musician passed in 1981.

Bob Marley, “Positive Vibrations”




2 responses

2 02 2011

It’s been far too long! The up side is that, though Marley’s gone, he’s certainly not forgotten.

2 02 2011

I agree; when I heard the news my heart sank because it’s been my dream to bring his story to the big screen in a biopic that would capture the energy and the message of his music.

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