Rueben Santiago-Hudson | FilmGordon Radio

21 01 2011

This afternoon on the BIG show, veteran of stage, television and film star Ruben Santiago-Hudson stopped by to talk about his show, ABC’s Castle.

Black Reel Awards winner, Santiago-Hudson talked about his special relationship with his cast working on what he calls the “most joyous set” that he’s ever work on and the continued love that he receives from audiences who still remember with love, Lackawanna Blues.

In addition, he spoke glowingly about his support for his friend, Golden Globe nominee Halle Berry and her latest film, Frankie & Alice.

Click here to listen to the show!



2 responses

28 01 2011

i love Castle. didn’t Santiago-Hudson’s character get killed off on Castle?

1 02 2011

sorry, i made a mistake in tv shows. it’s The Mentalist where the head man got killed off.

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