Featured Trailer | Limitless

20 01 2011

Bradley Cooper (The Hangover) goes from a zero to hero with the world in his hands in Limitless, today’s featured trailer over on our Reel Clip Board. Co-starring Abbie Cornish and Robert De Niro, this suspense thriller promises to deliver a pulsating and adrenaline-rushing cinematic experience.

Limitless centers on a penniless individual whose life is first changed for the better and then to worse as he braves to test a drug. Down in his luck writer Eddie Morra (Cooper) is thrown into more despair when his girlfriend ditches him on the fact of his bleak future. He then tries a drug which allows him to use the full potential of his brain and soon enough he becomes a successful man. As movie unravels it will make it clear on the fact that Eddie is made to pay for his luck when some enemies come after him.

Limitless opens in theaters on March 18th

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