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11 09 2010

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Hollywood goes into what is traditionally the slowest weekend of the year with a slate of forgettable and otherwise bizarre films. Here is a quick glance at what’s new in theaters.

Resident Evil: AfterLife 3D

Based on the popular video game, Milla Jovovich once again fights a sinister corporation that makes viruses that turn their subjects into horrifying mutations. Boris Kodjoe and Ali Larter are along for the ride in this sequel, but as always Jovovich is front and center as Alice who must continuously wonder how she keeps getting trapped in this strange land!

Grade: film was not screened for critics


Wrestler-turned-actor, Jon Cena dials down the action and tries to get in touch with his sensitive side in this family drama. The former WWE star evens weaves his day job into the plot as he bonds with a nerdy teenager over amateur wrestling. The film co-stars veteran actors Danny Glover and Patricia Clarkson, who have key roles. The likable star may never win any awards for his acting but that is farthest from the minds of his fans who love watching their hero. Cena doesn’t take himself seriously and neither should you!

Grade: C-

I’m Still Here

The weekend’s best movie is a documentary about a year in the life of two-time Oscar nominee Joaquin Phoenix, who has retired from acting, dresses like a homeless man and dreams of rocking the mic as rapper. While it’s unclear whether the story is staged or frightening real, Phoenix’s life comes unhinged in full view of movie audiences and while the film has plenty of humorous moments, you find yourself feeling sorry for the clueless star. Sean “Diddy” Combs turns in an impressive performance, giving Phoenix a real-life dose of reality, “Making the Band”-style!

Grade: C

Also in theatres


Danny Trejo is a former Mexican Federale out to avenge the death of his wife in this bloody, violent, yet fun romp. Co-starring Jessica Alba, Robert De Niro, Michelle Rodriquez, Steven Seagal, Lindsay Lohan and Cheech Marin, writer-director Robert Rodriquez successfully takes a fake trailer from his earlier film “Grindhouse” and turns it into an incredibly entertaining action fantasy. Trejo is a Mexican Shaft who’s a bad mother…

Grade: B

The Last Exorcism

A preacher who has lost his faith is summoned to perform one last exorcism for a possessed girl and comes face-to-face with true evil in this annoying horror film. Featuring one of the worst endings of any movie this year, it joins last year’s evil-taunting disaster “Paranormal Activity” as example of what happens to stupid people who continue to tempt fate.

Grade: F




One response

12 09 2010
Jan Niekamp

I loved Machete, it was over the top funny in some parts. I think it deserves an B+, I think about all the movies that were suppose to be good this year and they fell flat. It’s not trying to be something its not. When I saw the trailer from the grind house films, my dream came true they actually made the film. I find it ironic the same guy that made spy kids made this gross and funny film. Bravo

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