StarAccess Movie Club | Commercial

1 04 2010

Beginning today, we officially kickoff our month-long FIRST anniversary celebration of our movie club, “StarAccess.” We have signed up over 1,200 people for an opportunity to attend upcoming movie screenings, participate in our special DVD promotions and special events.

Our members won tickets to more than 200 movies since we launched last year. In an age where movie tickets are getting more expensive and the quality of movies are going in the other direction (no offense, but YOU KNOW I’m telling the truth), it would behoove you to join our “movie mob” and register early and often for your chance to see pre-screening movie releases.

To get your instant “StarAccess,” click here, register and simply go to the movie. Spread the word to movie lovers far and wide so they too can become a member. Always remember, the StarAccess where EVERYBODY is a star . . . with access!



4 responses

1 04 2010
al southern

thanks for the movie tix!

1 04 2010

Not a problem, Al. Just spread the word to your friends and family!!!!

6 04 2010

thanks for movie updates and tickets.

22 01 2011
Doris Cotton

Thanks for the passes

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