Trailer Park | Pastor Brown

29 03 2010

With over 10,000 fans on Facebook, the buzz and groundswell is growing for spiritually based inspirational film, “Pastor Brown” especially considering that the film has yet to be released into wide distribution.

The film tells the story of a former exotic dancer, Jessica (Salli Richardson) who returns home for the first time in over a decade when her father (Keith David) unexpectedly becomes terminally ill . Her father’s dying wish is for the prodigal daughter to take over as head of his church.

The news turns her and her family’s life upside down. Jesse accepts her father’s commission, thereby pitting herself against her sister (Nicole Ari Parker) and most of the leadership at Mount Olive who know her secretive past. Through accepting her father’s request, Jesse embarks upon a course that changes her world forever. Not only does she reconnect with her family and her teenage son, but she also finds the dignity and self-love she lost so long ago.

The film stars Richardson, Parker, Michael Beach, Monica, and David and was written by Rhonda Baraka; “Soul Food’s” Rockmond Dunbar directs.

There is no firm release date for the film, but we’ll let you know when WE know!




One response

5 04 2010

i love to see this movie.

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