25 Hottest Honeys in Film of 2009

13 01 2010

As we settle into another year in cinema, it’s time again to take a look back at the goddesses that thrilled us, titllated us on the big screen and left male moviegoers wth more than just entertainment on their minds.

This year’s list featured several repeat honorees including Oscar-winner Charlize Theron, Taraji P. Henson and Cuban beauty Eva Mendes. The only criteria for someone to make it on our list is that they had to appear in the cast of a film from this year.

For the third year in a row, we look at some of our favorite ladies in cinema who kept us entertained with what we refer to as the “movie within a movie,” providng us with eye candy to go along with the story. Led by the year’s “Hottest Honey” Penelope Cruz, here are the ladies that kept the fire warm in ’09.

It’s often been said that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, well once again we behold the cuteness, beauty and sex appeal of this year’s 25 Hottest Honeys in Film!

Naomie Harris | Ninja Assassin

London’s calling for hot British actress and Black Reel Award winner, Harris who teamed with Korean pop star/actor Rain in the martial arts’ thriller, “Ninja Assasin.”  Playing an inquisitive EUROPOL agent who gets just a little too close to exposing the evil doings of rival clan, Harris displayed her typical ability to juggle her soft side with a tough-as-nails persona that gets the job done. Primarily cast in supporting roles in big budget films, such as “Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest,” “Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End” and Michael Mann’s “Miami Vice,” we continue to look for this sexy star to continue to rise!

Abbie Cornish | Bright Star
This Australian beauty first came on our radar opposite the late Heath Ledger in 2006’s “Candy,” but she lit up the screen wit her portrayal of famed English poet John Keats’ muse, Fanny Brawne in “Bright Star.”  In a story that was filled with poetry, Cornish’s sexy performance was the hauntingly beautiful and amazingly passionate.

Carla Gugino| Watchmen
Playing the alluring Sally Jupiter in “Watchmen,” Gugino adds yet another provocative performance to her already impressive sexy resume. This 38-year old beauty sizzled onsceen as the scantitly-clad crime-fighter in this visual comic book action-adventure. This gorgeous Florida native has titallated audiences with roles in films such as “Righteous Kill,” “Sin City” and the popular HBO show, “Entourage.” Up next for the gorgeous actress is the lead role in as a porn actress in “Women in Trouble.”

Emily Blunt | The Young Victoria
Since her breakthrough role in 2006’s “The Devil Wears Prada,” English beauty Blunt has flexed her considerable sex appeal in a series of winning film roles including “Dan in Real Life,” “Sunshine Cleaning” and “The Great Buck Howard.” But playing Queen Victoria in her latest film, Blunt just radiated in the title role. We look forward to seeing more of this English beauty!

Isla Fisher | Confessions of a Shopaholic
While we were not fans of her performance in this film, we could not deny that the Scottish-Australian actress radiated plenty of cuteness and sex appeal regardless. While not boasting a stellar resume and being engaged to Sasha Baron Cohen, we still thought that Fisher had enough going for her to make this year’s list.

Zoe Saldana | Star Trek & Avatar
Little Miss Saldana remained on the come-up in a major way with sexy appearances in two of the year’s biggest films. Stepping into the shoes of Uhuru in “Star Trek” and toplining James Cameron’s visual adventure, “Avatar,” Saldana managed to assert her sizable personality and sex appeal to huge mainstream audiences showing that her sexy transcends space and time.

Kate Beckinsale | Whiteout
Not since “Barberella” has a film opened with such a sexy striptease . . . and in Anartica, no less! While her film was nothing special to write home about, Beckinsale brought enough hotness t melt the coldest polar cap – and has been bringing it since her sultry “Underworld” days. Like a fine wine, this English import keeps getting better with time!

Ali Larter | Obsesed
Since her sterling debut rocking a whip-creme bikini in “Varsity Blues,” Larter has consistently wore her sex appeal with a proud badge of honor. Opposite Beyonce in “Obsessed,” she blended sensuality and crazy into a spicy blend of hotness that sent brothers pulsing racing before and after the film. We understand while Idris Elba had to turn it down in the but Larter could be one of our “Heroes” evey day and TWICE on Sunday!

Malin Ackerman | Watchmen
Nevermind a face that resembles on of the pies from ABC’s “Pushing Daisies,” Ackerman easily takes home the prize as the year’s sexiest superhero, Silk Spectre II in “Watchmen.” Looking simply stunning in latex, she radiated liquid sex in EVERY scene she was in the comic-book adventure and did we forget to mention THE SUIT?

Marion Cotillard | Public Enemies & Nine
Whether giving audiences some bathtub thrills loving a bad boy like Dillinger or pining for her distracted film director husband and his many loves in “Nine,” Oscar-winning French beauty Cotillard kept titillating her fans with her sultry and sensuous being. Displaying a vulnerability that draws the audience into her performances is just one of the secrets Cotillard utilizes to great effect.

Zulay Henao | Fighting
In one of Terrence Howard’s worst performances and in one of the year’s worst films, Columbian beauty Henao at least gave audiences something to look at. Playing the love interest of Howard, it’s not a stretch to say that this cutie left a memorable impression in a long-forgotten story.

Taraji P. Henson | I Can Do Bad All By Myself
Like a kettle of water on simmer, Henson manages to keep upping the ante bringing her fans to a boil with one strongly passionate performance after another. In her latest, she plays a self-centered lounge singer in love with a married man and saddled with the responsibility of taking care of some young relatives. Whether it was Tyler Perry’s script or her focused performance but Henson adds another chapter to her growing canon of winning performances.

Odette Yustman | The Unborn
Maybe it was the ad with the California cutie only wearing a pair of panties that first got our attention in the horror film, “The Unborn” or maybe it was her sexy come-hither eyes that did the trick but whatever Yustman had, it worked for us. Experienced in being terrified, Yustman’s big break came in J.J. Abrams’ “Cloverfied.”

Natalie Portman | Brothers
For the past 15 years it appears that we have watched Portman grow up in front of the camera. From her debut in “The Professional” to being the object of a love triangle in “Brothers,” Portman has evolved into a Golden Globe-nominated actress who is comfortable in almost in genre – and has a sexy, playful sense of humor on top of that as well!

Tamala Jones | Up in the Air
Despite only appearing on camera less than three minutes, Jones made the most of her screen time with a pivotal role and plot point in one of the year’s best films. The former “Booty Call” star is keeping busy with several projects in pre-production slated for release in 2010. Seems like it’s not just her most recent film that remains headed up!

Paula Patton | Precious
Two-time Black Reel Award nominee Patton was one of the rare rays of light in the dark, disturbing drama, “Precious.” As Blu Rain, Patton dialed down her sexy to deliver one of the year’s most tender and passionate performances. Her key scene in the film when she confronts a broken-hearted Precious to tell her that not only does her baby love her but her teacher as well left not one dry eye in the theater!

Megan Fox | Jennifer’s Body
Over the course of the last couple of years, no actress has celebrated her sexuality like Fox. Her latest film found the former Transformer hottie playing what else – a sexy vixen with a scary little secret. The 23-year old Tennessee native has been voted by the readers of FHM as “The Sexiest Woman in the World.” We would go quite that far but Megan has been pretty “Fox-y” for the moment!

Charlize Theron | The Burning Plain
Just one look at this leggy, beautiful Oscar-winning actress and it is no wonder why she is a perennial favorite on our Hottest Honey list. As a tortued woman trying to escape her past, Theron gave another heart-felt performance and showing critics why that while most actresses would gravitate to role that accent their beauty, she is willing to exercise her considerable acting skills.

Sandra Bullock | The Blind Side & The Proposal
Garnering dual Golden Globe nominations for her roles in both film, Bullock put her luscious toned 45-year old body on display in a hilarious bathroom scene in “The Proposal.” As the sexy, over-protective mother-figure of Michael Oher, Bullock became the first actress to star in a $200 million film. Along with her successful production company, Bullock is riding high and her male fans continue to the enjoy the view as she keeps showing that 45 is the new 30!

Rashida Jones | I Love You, Man
The daughter of “Mod Squad” hottie Peggy Lipton and musical icon, Quincy Jones, her spunky cuteness overwhelmed the screen in this winning summer comedy and to think she owes all of her success to . . . O.J. Simpson. Apparently, Jones had a desire to practice law until the infamous Simpson case and decided to pursue a career in the arts. Possessing the least amount of experience of anyone of our list, this freckled face cutie comes from attractive genes and we look forward to see her put her sexy on display more in the future!

Salli Richardson-Whitfield | Black Dynamite
As the cute militant dimepiece and social conscience of the blaxploiation-spoof, sexy Richardson-Whitfield showed her comic timing and versatility in a role reminiscent of the spirit of Pam Grier and other hotties of that period. Incredibly gorgeous, Richardson-Whitfield has never received the credit for her acting as audiences have always focused on her stunningly beautiful looks. Currently she is cast as Department of Defense agent (and later head of Global Dynamics) Allison Blake in the television series “Eureka,” which airs on the SciFi Channel.

Rhona Mitre | Underworld: Rise of the Lycans
Taking over as the female lead in the “Underworld” franchise from another Hottie on this list, Kate Beckinsale, Mitre flashed her own unique brand of sexy and acquitted herself well in the film. This understated English actress appeared as the live action model for Lara Croft, the lead character in the Interactive’s Tomb Raider video game series and yes, it’s true that Mitre once had a single called . . . “Getting Naked;” wonder if she’s trying to tell us something?

Sasha Grey | The Girlfriend Experience
For years, adult film stars have craved mainstream acceptance and recognition. The latest in line with Tinseltown dreams is Grey who teamed with respected director Steven Soderbergh to star in “The Girlfriend Experience.” While her film played the arthouse circuit and generated little buzz, there was no denying that although her acting may need more polish, she had no problem letting her sexy shine!

Eva Mendes | Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans
One of the only three-time honorees, Mendes returns yet again after another sizzling performance as a prostitute and love interest to corrupt detective played by Nicholas Cage. No stranger to sexy roles, the Cuban born performer has flaunted her curvacous body on screen, in print and in music video shoots. Hard to believe that long ago, Mendes aspired to become a nun. With four films in production for this year and beyond, we’ll see if she can continue to be a fixture on our annual list.

Penelope Cruz | Broken Embraces & Nine
This year’s number one hottie is none other than Spanish beauty and Oscar winner, Cruz. This sultry star heated up two movies in ’09 channelling her Audrey Hepburn as an unhappy trophy wife in “Broken Embraces” and as an insecure mistress to Daniel Day Lewis in Rob Marshall’s musical, “Nine.” One of the year’s best memory was watching Cruz’s sexy musical number outfitted in corset and garters and dreaming about the film’s DVD release to have that experience in the comfort of our homes!



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13 01 2010

What a wanderful girl on the site, fine job from FilmGordon

17 01 2010

I didn’t really find Rashida Jones that attractive when she was on the Office, but since she’s been in I Love You, Man and Parks and Recreation, I think she’s definitely hot. I guess it may have been that was was going against Jenna Fisher’s beauty, or maybe it’s just the way she has her hair cut now that makes her cuter.

3 12 2010
Vegetable Storage

Rise Of The Lycans do have some great fighting scene between the werewolves and the vampires, it is a nice movie -~;

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