Reel Shorts | Leap Year

12 01 2010

Love Changes
Amy Adams is looking for love and her search takes her on an impromptu trip to Ireland in this pleasant yet predictable romantic comedy.

With the failure of her fiance to pop the question, Anna (Adams) decides to take manners into her own hands and exercise a local romantic Ireland loophole to marry her beau, Jeremy (Adam Scott) – that is until Cupid steers her in another direction of Irish hunk, Declan (Matthew Goode).

Once every Leap Year, a woman can propose to a man and he has to accept which is exactly what Anna has in mind. But fate intervenes as her path to matrimony is blocked by one roadblock after another, usually accompanied by her tour guide Declan. After traveling halfway around the world, Anna must decide whether to follow her heart or go back to her unappreciative boyfriend, Jeremy.

Adams and Goode have workable chemistry and look good together but this film marks the third year in a row that studios have opened the year with predictable, syrupy romantic comedies; oh joy!

Grade: C




3 responses

12 01 2010

didn’t see the movie I wanted to. Hope everyone enjoyed.

12 01 2010

good to see either with your girlfriends or bring along your boyfriend to drop the hint. its predictable and yet very honest. good chemistry too.

21 01 2010

i love a good romantic comediy with a happy ending. i really enjoyed this movie.

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