Reel Shorts | Zombieland

2 10 2009

From start to finish, other than Quentin Tarantino’s ballsy tour-de-force, “Inglorious Basterds,” no film provides as much wall-to-wall enjoyment as the post-apocolyptic comedy, “Zombieland. Featuring eye-popping cinematography, special effects and clever story-telling, who would have guessed that a future that looks this bleak could be so much fun!

After a zombie plague ravages the country, there only a small pocket of living survivors who try to connect with others while evading and killing the infected that feature Usain Bolt-type speed. These are not your usual zombies, these baby’s can fly! One of the lucky survivors is Columbus (Jesse Eisenberg), who not only narrates the action but gives the audience his set of rules designed to keep him alive. Rules include mundane items such as “Cardio,” “The Double Tap” and “Wearing Your Seatbealts,” where in each case we find out first-hand the benefits of his rigid lifestyle.

One day while working his way across he country back to his hometown in Ohio, he hitches a ride with another survivor the unpredictable zombie-killing machine, Tallahassee (Woody Harrelson). Taking great pride in his creativity for killing the undead, his simmering hatred is his mask to disguise the loss of a loved one. While Tallahassee unnerves his younger companion, soon the two encounter a pair of con artist sisters, Witchita (Emma Stone) and Little Rock (Abigail Breslin), that initially make their lives miserable but later they understand that to survive, they need to band together to take down a world of hungry, voracious zombies.

Featuring a hilarious cameo in the middle of the film, the story takes a brief detour into high comedy that perfectly complements the film’s quirky yet satisfying mood culminating in a visit back to Eisenberg’s “Adventureland” for a final battle with the undead.

Where “Zombieland” succeeds is in it’s startling visuals showing mayhem and violence in a way that although is bloody manages to frame the action in a way that you simply can’t take your eyes off it. Eisenberg brings his usual teen angst and longing to have someone special in his life although he tuned out much of the human race long before the virus arrived. Harrellson is a ball of frentic energy who only enjoys eating twinkies more than killing zombies.

While the world has evolved to a soul-less center of survival of the fittest, at it’s core “Zombieland” is a film about family. Not the ones the characters have lost but the one they create with each other in their ever-continuing journey to not only stay alive but represent the last vestiges of the human experience.

Grade: A-




One response

4 10 2009
Constant Gina

When I first saw the preview I could have sworn this movie was a remake of Duke Nukem…dope movie though…

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