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23 08 2009

Over the weekend, this small independent film that has been touring film festivals around the country opened for theatrical release. With such a distinguished cast why it took so long to hit theaters has us scratching our collective heads!

Directed by Giancarlo Esposito, “Gospel Hill” tells the intersecting story of two men in the fictional South Carolina town of Julia. Danny Glover plays John Malcolm, the son of a slain civil rights activist Paul Malcolm (Samuel L. Jackson, in an uncredited role). Jack Herrod (Tom Bower) is the white former sheriff who never got to the bottom of the murder.

Their paths begin to cross when a development corporation comes to town with plans to raze Julia’s historic African-American community of Gospel Hill, now fallen into disrepair, to build a golf course. Malcolm’s wife Sarah (Angela Bassett), a schoolteacher, seems alone in her opposition to the project, which is being endorsed by Gospel Hill’s prominent African-American physician, Dr. Palmer (Esposito). Meanwhile, a young white teacher (Julia Stiles) comes to town and falls for a handsome young landscaper (Taylor Kitsch), whose business is booming thanks to Dr. Palmer’s patronage.

This film, featuring a plethora of Black Reel Award nominees,  also stars Adam Baldwin, RZA and Nia Long.

We haven’t had the opportunity to see it but if anyone has we would love to find out what you thought!



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