Reel Images | The Book of Eli

27 07 2009

Here is the poster for the upcoming Hughes Brothers/Denzel Washington post-apocalyptic thriller, “The Book of Eli. As we stated last week, there are several factors that give us pause regarding this project. Featuring a January release date coupled with Washington’s lackluster history with action films PLUS the eight-year layoff for the Hughes Brothers, our expectations remain tempered.

Back in 1993, the Hughes Brothers’ caught lightning in a bottle with their dazzlingly effective debut film, “Menace II Society.” While they made several more films, none of their other projects matched the success of “Menace.” Washington surprisingly has thrown himself into several more physical roles signaling that he is interested playing some of these roles before he retreats permanently to the director’s chair.

The jury is out but we would LOVE to be wrong about our assessment.

“The Book of Eli” comes out in theaters on Dr. Martin Luther King’s birthday weekend, January 15, 2010.




2 responses

9 08 2009
Jin Jan

Saw the film’s trailer today… spectacularly awesome! .

17 02 2010
Dustii Ponce

Question… Wasn’t some of this movie filmed on location in north western mountain region in pennsylvania?

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