Washington’s “Bittersweet Life!”

24 07 2009

Maybe Denzel Washington’s nickname should be “The Diesel,” because this multiple Oscar winner simply keeps rolling along. Fresh on the heels of the “Unstoppable” news and “Book of Eli” buzz, now comes word that Washington will star in a remake of Korean film, “A Bittersweet Life.”

This project has been in development at Fox and tells the story of a highly cultural and ruthlessly violent society as it illustrates the ethical codes in the Korean mob and how they clash with personal morality.

The title character is an enforcer for underworld boss who is given a task that he fails to execute. Double-crossed and faced with certain death, he regroups and sets up a plan to exact his revenge. The original film starred Lee Byung-Hun; it will be interesting once again to see Washington play an another assassin-type role after already hitting that them in “Man Under Fire.”

At $20 million per project, “The Diesel” keeps moving forward on his job while . . . cashing BIG checks!

To see a trailer from the original film, “A Bittersweet Life,” click on the image below.





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