Reel Shorts | The Ugly Truth

24 07 2009


Katherine Heigl squares off with Gerard Butler in the highly-charged battle of the sexes in the sometimes entertaining, yet predictable romantic comedy, “The Ugly Truth.” Just a passing glance at this movie probably explains why it is so difficult for people to meet and fall in love . . . as well as take these kinds of stories serious, as well. Colorado Springs Gazette guest critic, Brandon Fibbs examines some of the film’s “Ugly Truths.”

The Ugly Truth is two movies for the price of one, but don’t get too excited. You’re not getting twice the entertainment, just twice as ripped off. For most of its running time, it’s actually a guy’s movie — something reflecting the sentiments of late, late cable programming and crude, sexually charged shows like SPIKE’s MANswers — until, near the end, it finally veers into the traditional chick flick territory the marketing has been trying to convince it was about all along.

Abby Richter (Heigl) runs her dates just like she runs the morning show where she is a producer — no nonsense and all business. However, what works in the control room does not work in the bedroom and if Mr. Perfect exists, Abby scared him off ages ago. Mike Chadway (Butler) is definitely not Mr. Perfect. A quasi-clone of Magnolia’s Frank T.J. Mackey (the decidedly blue Tom Cruise character), Mike is a foul-mouthed, misogynistic TV personality whose shtick is spilling the ugly truth about what makes men tick. (Hint: they like sex. A lot.)

When the ratings at Abby’s morning show begin going the way of Atlantis, the affiliate hires Mike to spice things up. Abby and Mike immediately clash, but Abby, desperate to get her doctor/neighbor’s attention, reluctantly turns to Mike for advice. A sort of vulgar Cyrano de Bergerac, Mike gives her the inside scoop on just what to do and say to snag her unsuspecting prey. But he may have done his job too well because his training blows up in his face when the green-eyed monster of jealously decides to pay him a visit.

Ladies, the feminist in me is offended for you. The Ugly Truth is mostly just plain ugly, a far harder R-rated film than the vast majority of the audience is going to be prepared for. Raunchier and more sexual (in word, not deed) than you might imagine, The Ugly Truth is the love child of a traditional rom-com and a Judd Apatow movie, an offspring with all the genetic predictability of the former and none of the heart of the latter.

Click here to read the rest of Fibbs review of “The Ugly Truth.”

Grade: D+




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2 12 2010
Tub Chair

the blonde hair and eyes of Katherine Heigl is very attractive, she is very beautiful too .”~

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