Eye Candy | Gabrielle Union

19 07 2009

With her trademark sexy dimples, actress/activist Gabrielle Union may be a successful actress but this attractive Omaha native is far more than meets the eye.

Unlike many of her peers, Union has seamlessly moved between movies and television. Long before she made her film debut in 1999, Union had racked up countless TV credits as early as 1993. From “Moesha,” “Family Matters,” “Sister, Sister” and “The Steve Harvey Show,” Union was consistently working on her craft. Even after Union became established her work ethic never diminished.

“I have the Samuel Jackson mentality, of working as much as possible,” said Union. “I think about Halle [Berry] and [Queen] Latifah, and they are the only two black actresses that work consistently. It scares me.”

With aspirations to be a lawyer, Union is far from just a pretty face. She graduated with honors from UCLA with a degree in sociology and is fluent in Spanish. It didn’t help that Union felt that acting was just a tad . . . corny.

“I didn’t want to act. I thought it was a cheesy profession but when I was a junior, I got an internship at a modeling agency,” said Union. “When my internship ended, they said, ‘We’d be interested in representing you.’ I was like, ‘If you think someone will pay me to be cheesy, sure, whatever!”

She also became a spokeswoman on the topic of violence against women after surviving a rape at gunpoint at the age of 19. Union even garnered the support of Oprah Winfrey for her efforts.

But for many of her male fans, Union has a wonderful blend of the girl-next-door quality mixed with just a smidgen of naughtiness that drives them wild. Her sexy mix of East Indian, Native American, Irish, English and African-American has landed the Nebraska native on Maxim’s 100 Sexiest and Hot 100 lists. Her beautiful face was featured on the debut cover of Savoy Magazine, but her male fans love her “apple bottom” – which doesn’t bother her at all.

“Thank God for J-Lo. All of a sudden big asses are de rigueur.”

While her anatomy may not be an issue, showing her body on film may be another story for this spiritual soul. Her faith was severely tested during the making of “Cradle to the Grave,” but Union even found humor amidst her apprehension.

“I’m a Catholic girl from Omaha, and then all of a sudden they spring this scene on me,” said Union. “Afterwards, I had to go to confession. I said, “Forgive me Father, for I have just bared my ass in front of the world. How many Hail Marys will it take to absolve me of that!”

After starring in last year’s holiday film, “Cadillac Records,” Union is preparing to return to TV later this year in “Body Politic.” If history is any indicator, Gabrielle will continue to do her thing to ensure that the “State of Her Union” remains strong!




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