Trailer Park | Jennifer’s Body

9 07 2009

Back in the early 1990s, a seductive woman killed scores of men on the make in the horror film, “Def by Temptation.” This September, screenwriter Diablo Cody updates the premise with a fresh twist in her upcoming film, “Jennifer’s Body.”

Sexy Megan Fox plays a cheerleader gone bad in the dark and grisly horror/comedy story. Poor unsuspecting male high school classmates begin to disappear when her character becomes possessed by a demon- often while she is nude and covered in blood.

Click the image above to watch the “Jennifer’s Body” trailer

“Jennifer’s Body” closely parallels writer/director/producer’s James Bond III’s cult classic, “Def by Temptation.” The mayhem and death caused by the film’s main character/vampire also mirrored the spread of HIV/Aids in the Black community.

“Jennifer’s Body” opens in theaters on September 18.

“Def by Temptation”




3 responses

13 07 2009
Jin Jan

Hey, there has been reports that Cody’s film does carry the same tones of “Heathers.”

1 10 2009

This film is a watered-down version of Bible Black, sans the switchblade aspect.

3 11 2010
Pretty Asian Ladies ·

Megan Fox on Jennifers body is just beautiful and very hot girl *

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