DVD Den | Do The Right Thing

30 06 2009

Twenty years ago today, Spike Lee fired the shot heard round the cinematic world with the release of his simmering hot summer classic, “Do The Right Thing.”

The film is notable for receiving two Oscars as well as launching the careers of Rosie Perez, Martin Lawrence and the late Robin Harris as well as a fiery battle anthem, “Fight the Power” from Public Enemy. Time has not soften the film’s message which remains as relevant as it did two decades later.

**Watch the trailer for “Do the Right Thing” by clicking the image above**

The story of one hot day in Bed-Stuy that slowly simmers until it finally explodes in violence initially sparked lots of anticipation of unrest but Lee’s work sparked plenty of discussion and debate and now is considered one of the auteur’s finest films.

Released on DVD today, “Do The Right Thing” features an unprecedented amount of archival material that takes viewers behind the scene as Lee created his summer masterpiece. Extras include video footage of the first cast table read, a documentary on the making of the film as well as various interviews with the young and talented cast. Even the press conference at the Cannes Film Festival is included showing that it was not only American film critics who had trouble grasping Lee’s message from the film.

In the past twenty years, Lee has solidified his cinematic legacy with additional winning stories such as “Malcolm X,” “4 Little Girls,” “Inside Man” and many more. In the process, Lee has continued to “fight the power” establishing himself as one of the Hollywood’s most innovative and revolutionary storytellers!





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