Do We Really Need 10 Best Pix Noms?

25 06 2009

With ratings continuing to shrink and ad revenues dropping, the Academy Awards went back to the future today announcing they were widening the Best Picture category to ten nominees.

The practice that was popular in the 1930s and 40s, will return for next year’s show hopefully providing more opportunities for animated, documentaries and other popular films to garner more attention. But will this be the first step toward turning Hollywood’s most storied award show into a more stylized “Advertiser’s Choice Awards?”

It is no secret that people such as ourselves annually assemble to choose films that we think have the quality and prestige to join the ranks of Hollywood’s greats. The problem is that the taste of the public have proven to be vastly different from the critics. In many instances, critics choose films for awards consideration that many in the public have never heard about less more seen.

This latest move by AMPAS is an attempt to give more films more opportunities creating more attention – and hopefully more money for everyone. But before, Oscar voting can commence, it will be the film critics who will set the table and the possibility of ten films will prove to be a daunting task.

The difficulty is not in the number of films needed but the lack of quality of the product coming out of Hollywood. With marketing substituting art, our instincts tell us that the Academy’s worst nightmare would be if suddenly there are TEN choices that are obscure instead of five.

You know what they say about the best laid plans? We’ll see in February.



One response

29 06 2009

This has turned out to be a controversial decision, it has provoked extreme reactions in the industry:
I think it is a good think though, we have all thought there were movies that should have been nominated like The Dark Knight and In Bruges.

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