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22 06 2009

Enter our contest to win a copy of the 20th Anniversary of writer/director, Spike Lee’s landmark provocative drama “Do the Right Thing.” Coming to stores exactly 20 years to the day of it’s theatrical release on June 30, the film’s honesty, courage and original perspective on American race relations earned two Academy Award nominations, including Best Original Screenplay.

Visionary filmmaker Spike Lee is at the top of his game in this film about a racially divided neighborhood facing a scorching summer heat wave. On the hottest day of the year, the Bedford-Stuyvesant area of Brooklyn becomes a crucible for the wide-ranging racial, social and economic beliefs of its residents. During a 24-hour period that changes lives forever, the neighborhood’s tenuous equilibrium boils over into a showdown between longtime business owner Sal (Danny Aiello) and the neighborhood’s African-American majority. In a slyly funny and riveting expose of racial tensions in the inner city, Lee unflinchingly confronts profoundly sensitive issues as violence threatens to explode against a throbbing musical backdrop.

A powerhouse ensemble cast creates a gallery of unforgettable characters, with standout performances by Aiello (“Moonstruck”), Ossie Davis (“Get On The Bus”), Ruby Dee (“American Gangster”), Rosie Perez (“Fearless”), John Turturro (“Barton Fink”) and Samuel L. Jackson (“Pulp Fiction”).

The DVD is loaded with over four hours of revealing bonus material, including a never-before-seen retrospective documentary with cast and crew, a new feature commentary from Lee, and newly discovered deleted and extended scenes.

“Do the Right Thing” remains just as urgent now as it was two decades earlier!

For your chance to win a copy, you must have the correct answer to the following trivia question :

“Which three actors made their film debuts in this movie?”

In addition to answer the question, you must also be a StarAccess member in order to qualify for this contest. Winners will be notified.

Good luck!

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8 responses

22 06 2009
Dianne T Miller

Rosie Perez, Martin Lawrence & Christa Rivers.

22 06 2009
Ordale Allen

Maybe I can get second place for a bonus “unasked question/ random info.”
The person above answered Rosie Perez, Martin Lawrence and Christa Rivers. Rosie obviously choreographed her dance and went on to do choreography for In Living Color. Martin had the poster up on his show and re-enacted the “trashcan through the window” scene on his show. Obama and Michelle went to see Do the Right Thing for their first date.

23 06 2009
Evelyn McKinney

Josie Lee, Danny Aiello and Richard Edson.

23 06 2009
Douglas Reyes-Ceron

Martin Lawrence, Rosie Perez & Christa Rivers.

Would it be possible to get a Standard-definition DVD? I don’t own a Blu-Ray player.

25 06 2009
Suriya M

The answer is Martin Lawrence, Rosie Perez & Christa Rivers. However Only Martin Lawrence & Rosie Perez credited for debuting in the movie. However, for Christa Rivers it is the only movie she is credited for. Ofcourse, First lady and Mr President saw this movie on their first date. Thats a fun fact and cool to know. Its a wonderful movie. And i enjoyed it every second of it. Its a wonderful collecters edition disk. If its a Blu Ray. Nothing can beat that.

29 06 2009
Rob Frazier

Martin Lawrence, Rosie Perez, and Christa Rivers

1 07 2009

This film reminds me of the power of change just like this new administration…
And I remember Christa from Reston….I wonder what she’s up to?

22 01 2011
Doris Cotton

Martin Lawrence, Rosie Perez, Christa Rivers

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