People Are Talkin’ | Halle Berry and Jamie Foxx

1 06 2009

There are no limits that networks will go to simply get some ratings. Up against the MTV Movie Awards last night, Spike TVs 2009 Guys Choice Awards pulled out two of Hollywood’s biggest guns to stage an impromtu make-out session in front of EVERYONE.

In a set of pictures that furiously burning up the web this morning, Oscar-winners Halle Berry and Jamie Foxx did everything but knock boots onstage as she was presenting him with an award. Pictures of Foxx groping Halle’s “Berry” and Berry with her hand all over Jamie’s “Foxx,” people are trying to figure out what to make of their public “private” moment.


Dave Chappelle once joked that whenever the Bush administration wanted to take some attention away from something the President was doing, they would secretly bring in Michael Jackson and asked him to molest a kid. Berry had given her male (and female) fans plenty of sexy moments that continue to live in our consiousness.

To see more pictures, click on the image above

Earlier this decade, there was the infamous Billy Bob Thornton love scene in “Monster’s Ball” that won Berry and Oscar. Whispers of “real intimacy” on set will forever be a matter up to debate. Then there was the “kiss seen around the world” when Adrien Brody stuck his tongue down Berry’s throat in front of her-then husband, Eric Benet, the audience at the Academy Awards and the billions of people watching at home. In addition, Berry bared her breasts in “Swordfish” for a a reported half million!

While Berry and Foxx get more exposure, the true winner is Spike TV who has EVERYONE talking about “the moment.” How much do you want to wager that there is an announcement of them rebroadcasting last night’s show? Just color us cynical!

What’s interesting about this latest escapade is that she has no new projects to promote and Foxx’s is in the middle of his “Intuition” tour promoting his last CD. It smells like a stunt, looks like a stunt AND for our money, probably is. Whether you can “blame it on the alcohol” or simply thinks that “hot” Halle has to have it, the fact that we’re writing about tells you all you need to know about where we are as a voyeristic society.

In closing, we would like to add a personal note that are green with envy that Berry didn’t share that moment with us.

Jamie, we HATE YOU!!!!!!



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1 06 2009
People Are Talkin’ – Halle Berry and Jamie Foxx

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2 06 2009
Jin Jan

Whoa… wow… hhhhhhm… hhhhhmh…

10 06 2009
Lady Di

Sticks finger in throat.

20 06 2009

Get it Halle! Mr. Foxx is sorta Phyne, Fine,Phine!!!! But, so are you Ms. Berry and I ian’t mad atcha! Show’em how to get it done at 40yrs. old!!!! You look damn good and the world knows it! Jamie looks like he’s about to explode! His facial expressions say it all!!! Mr. Foxx, Ms. Berry hat’s off to you both cause, damn who wouldn’t want to be between that kiss! What a tabloid burner!!!! OUCH!!!! TOO HOT!!!! SIZZLE,SIZZLE,SIZZLE!

22 06 2009

The show is already scheduled to be rebroadcast on Thursday.

25 06 2009

nobody is showing it live though. it was edited for tv i think.

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