Chocolate Drop | Idris Elba

6 05 2009

By popular demand (and because we want to be fair to the ladies) we spotlight British actor Idris Elba. While he has appeared in numerous films, Elba will forever be linked to his powerful television persona, Stringer Bell, one of our favorite characters to ever grace the small screen.

The 36-year old actor and DJ was recently featured on a six-show arc on the popular comedy, “The Office.” The native of Hackney, East London, Elba cut his teeth as a member on British soap opera, Family Affairs. He also DJs under the moniker DJ Big Driis / Big Driis the Londoner and also performs as a hip-hop soul recording artist.

But he garnered a large following of female fans as the sexy chocolate drop, Russell “Stringer” Bell, the drug dealer who aspired to become a high powered businessman, in HBO’s The Wire. Upon his character’s death at the hands of Omar and Brother Mouzon, many tears were shed.

Elba is currently in talks for a starring role in “The Losers,” where he’ll take the role of Roque, the second-in-command of a black-ops team out for revenge against a government that did them wrong. Currently, he is starring in the thriller “Obsessed” with Beyonce Knowles and Ali Larter and next year, Elba will appear in yet another thriller “Takers” starring Hayden Christensen, T.I., and Paul Walker.

We’re sure that there are plenty of ladies that would LOVE for Elba to “cut and scratch” some discs for them!




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