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6 05 2009

Several months ago, after countless questions from readers we decided to initiate an “Ask the Critic” segment. With the release of “X-Men Origins: Wolverine,” our latest segment highlights the world of super heroes.

Radio Personality, Mike Chase, Lanham, MD (WMMJ-FM/Magic 102.3) writes, “So how do you rate the superhero films? You gotta give Marvel comics the edge, right?

…second question, what film is a must for African American viewers?

Chase, traditionally you would rate super hero films on three factors: how close the filmmakers stayed true to the story of the comic, how the special effects were executed and if the star of the film embodied the essence of the character he/she were portraying.

But in the past few years, with the several older franchises being rebooted (“Batman,” “Iron Man,” “Wolverine”) and more of an emphasis on story development plus the technology allowing the special effects to catch up with the vision from the comics, the game has changed.

Since “The Dark Knight” and “Iron Man,” studios understand that you need to have a mix of actors who can deliver the dramatic content, talented scripts PLUS bomb F/X to make a movie work. The days of putting a non-acting stiff in a suit and relying on that to sell a movie have come and gone.

By sheer volume, I would have to acknowledge that Marvel is king, but DC Comics with “Batman,” “Watchmen,” “The Green Hornet” and if they can figure out what to do with Superman, they will REALLY be on the come up!

If you have a question that you want to “ask the critic,” send them here and we’ll try and answer them for you.

Recommended viewing for African-Americans could be ANY super hero film. But comic films with Black leading characters are few and far in between. One of the better franchises was of course, “Blade” and look for Don Cheadle to have an increased presence in “Iron Man 2.” “Spawn” with Michael Jai White was interesting and the voice of Laurence Fishburne was the only reason that “Fantastic Four 2: The Silver Surfer” worked.

Now for pure eye candy, you can’t go wrong with either “Catwoman” or the “X-Men” franchise if looking at Halle Berry is a high priority – not that the films may be good but remember your priority!




One response

9 05 2009
Douglas Reyes-Ceron

If you were to rank the top 5 superhero films of all time, what would your list look out to be?

And as for African-American superhero led films, you forgot to mention Samuel L. Jackson in “The Incredibles” and “Iron Man 2”, where he’s going to have a bigger role in the sequel.

I could only recommend Blade 1 & 2 and X-Men. Spawn was terrible and Fantastic Four 2 was a letdown.

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