Reel Shorts | Earth Review

24 04 2009

Featuring sprawling photography, a stirring musical score and the narration by the legendary James Earl Jones, “Earth” is triumphant tribute and rousing salute to the many great animals that share our planet and the picturesque environments that they inhabit.

Showcasing several families of animals over a one-year time period around the globe, “Earth” is ambitious undertaking that by the end of the journey, will educate audiences about the precarious life of animals on the planet as well as serve as a clear and present warning of the effects of global warning.

Click the image above to watch the “Earth” trailer.

While we spend much of our time thinking about our existence on the planet, it is common for us to ignore or take for granted the many fascinating creatures that call earth home. Concerns such as hunting for food to live, avoiding capture or death from much larger predators or migrating from one corner of the planet to another are some of the unique challenges that face the film’s principals.

The film centers on a set of fascinating portraits. We peek in on a family of polar bears that are relying on their father to journey ahead to hunt food for the family. With the effects of warming planet melting ice earlier, he must race against the clock to find food before he finds himself in a vulnerable position far from home. There are the caribous who trek over 2,000 mile a year, while trying to avoid capture by a pack of hungry wolves shadowing them all the way.

The perfect placement of the planet allows for modern wonders such as the  flourishes of nature in the Amazon where the sun shines 12 hours a day year round. Home to an assortment of over 40 different birds of paradise, it’s climate houses some of the most unique species on the planet.

But all is not well or fair in the animal kingdom where strong devour the weak and the race is often won by the swift, much to the detriment of the slow-footed. From the largest predator underwater, the great white shark to even the king of the jungle, the lions, the film shows the sudden and urgent ferocity that occurs when those higher on the food chain inflict their will on those they deem inferior.

The first film by Disneynature, “Earth” is warning shot across the bow for us all who choose to treat the planet as our own personal playground much to the detriment of the creatures that share the planet with us. With deserts now covering a third of the planet and growing, many animals run the risk of extinction if we can’t reverse the continuing deterioration that now finds some animals eating their own young.

Combining breath-taking and rare action on an incredibly complicated and unimaginable scale, in some of the most beautiful and remote locations on the planet, “Earth” is proud testament to group of unsung heroes in their touching and most intimate moments.

Grade: A




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