Reel Fashion | Zoe Saldana

17 04 2009


As the date draws near for the launch of the updated Starship Enterprise, lovely Latina continues to boldly go where many others have gone before – the fashion stratosphere. Rocking a sexy red dress, paparazzi sounded the alarm hoping to cool down the sexy Saldana heat!

The slightly undernourished actress brought her red to the carpet in Berlin with the cast of the upcoming film, “Star Trek.” Other than skipping far too many meals, the young actress looked stunning in red with sexy shoes to match.

While we have not seen the film yet, we understand that Saldana/Uhuru will have a love scene with Chris Pine/Captain James T. Kirk. Here’s hoping that the Cap’n doesn’t break poor Uhuru in half; judging from her petite appearance that could be a REEL possibility!

Check out more shots of Saldana giving red carpet love, plus a bonus shot from the Paris premiere below.



Actress Zoe Saldana attends the Star Trek press conference at Ho



3 responses

20 04 2009

They need some ham and turkey on wheat…on that space ship!!

22 04 2009

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14 05 2009

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