Oscar Cover Girls | Davis and Henson

8 04 2009

1006_Ebony Cover
While neither Viola Davis and Taraji P. Henson were able to take home Oscar gold at this year’ past ceremony, the two remain connected as evidence of both them gracing the May cover of Ebony Magazine.

In addition to both of these talented actors being a part of the same awards class, they also share the distinction of starring in the last two Tyler Perry films. Davis co-starred in Perry’s current film, “Madea Goes to Jail,” while Henson has top billing in his upcoming September release, “I Can Do All By Myself.”

But it was sitting nervously in the Kodak Theater on Oscar night where the two nominees enjoyed a special moment.

While the audience applauded for winner Penelope Cruz, they both shared in a symbolic moment that still remains dear. “We looked right at each other, we connected,” says Henson. “We had to have that moment, just for each other, to let each other know, ‘You know what? It’s still all good.’”

The two sit down for an exclusive photo shoot for Ebony magazine’s Power 150 issue in which both talented ladies  candidly talk about the challenges that continue to face Black actresses in Hollywood. “Black directors really don’t offer me movies,” says Davis, who takes no offense to this. “Most of the work I do is really in predominantly White films. That’s just how it works.”

For our money, the recognition that both received will heighten their profiles and hopefully cause more directors of colors to tap into their considerable abilities when making choices for future projects.




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