Trailer Park | April Releases!

27 03 2009


As we continue to inch closer to the summer movie season kicking off in several weeks, we take a look at a cinematic potpourri of films slated for release in April.

Chalk this up as an idea long overdue. As we check out films daily, we see plenty of trailers that we would love to feature on the blog. By giving them to you all at once in monthly installments, it gives you a better picture of what we recommend you check out and the option to check the trailers out for yourselves.

Much like the weather, there are a diverse group of offerings for eager movie fans. If you like big, loud action films you will probably like “Dragonball Evolution,” “Fast and Furious” and “Crank: High Voltage.”

Those who like smaller, more thoughtful indie films will surely enjoy stories such as “American Violet,” “Sugar,” “Gigantic,” “Is Anybody There?” and “Sin Nombre.” For the little ones (and the green-mined adults) is “Earth” and for those who love a little cinematic conflict, there is “State of Play,” “Obsessed” and “Fighting.”

No matter what your taste is, April has something for everybody at the movies!


April 3


Alien Trespass

Fast & Furious


Sin Nombre


April 10

Dragonball Evolution

Observe and Report

April 17

17 Again

American Violet

Crank: High Voltage

Every Little Step

Is Anybody There?

State of Play

April 22


April 24


The Informers (Red-band)

Mutant Chronicles (Red-band)


The Soloist





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