Reel Shorts | Monsters vs. Aliens

26 03 2009

Much like packing for a vacation and discovering what you forgot when you arrive at your end destination, the makers of “Monsters vs. Aliens” deliver a film that works much better for adults than the younger set resulting in them liking the film, but never fully embracing it!

The story centers on bride-to-be, Susan Murphy (Reese Witherspoon) who has the misfortune of being hit by meteor on her wedding day, no less. Within minutes, the bewildered Murphy grows to an astounding 49-feet-11 inches tall. She is captured by the government renamed “Ginormica” and sent to a “secret center” where she is housed with four other “special creatures” or monsters in a classified program.

Click the image above to see the “Monsters vs. Aliens” trailer

And what a crew they are, the super-smart Dr. Cockroach (Hugh Laurie), the party-starter himself, The Missing Link (Will Arnett), the brainlessly cute, B.O.B (Seth Rogen) and the biggest bug on the planet, the hairy and lovable terror, Insectosaurus. No wonder the stern General Monger (Kiefer Sutherland) has been keeping them on lock down for half a century. If you knew they existed, wouldn’t it make YOU more than a little nervous. But if you think they’re scary, wait until you meet the reptilian terror that is Gallaxhar!

With six legs and four eyes, Gallaxhar’s (Rainn Wilson) is an AWA (an Alien with an Attitude) who will not stop until he can find a fresh supply of quantonium to save his dying planet (the one he killed, by the way!). After sending down his alien robot to handle his dirty work, the real “G” discovers that if you want something done right, he simply has to do it himself.

This high-technology production has the look and the star power that should have provided a winning formula that has worked for so many Disney and Pixar films in the past. The first animated film produced in 3-D, unfortunately forgot to provide an entertaining story. After a promising start, the film commits the ultimate animated faux pas – it bores. Many of the jokes work for the adults but are simply over the heads of the children that the action is made for. While some of the simple sight gags work for the tiny tots unfortunately those are few and far in between.

With expectations of “Ginormous” box office, the filmmakers have set the sequel machine in motion. Early predictions peg the film with a strong opening that will drop drastically in the ensuing weeks. After having the misfortune of seeing the film with Intel’s “InTru3D and 2-D, the results remain the same, “Monsters vs. Aliens” is like a shiny new car with an antique engine. Sure it’s fun to look at but don’t try to take it for a ride!

Grade: C-

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26 03 2009

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