Reel Shorts | I Love You, Man

20 03 2009


Man Hunt
Fresh off the disaster that was “Miss March,” real smart and edgy comedy returns to the big screen and not a moment too soon in the unconventional love story, “I Love You, Man.”

With an upcoming wedding, realtor Peter Klaven (Rudd) has everything that a man could want, a beautiful fiance and a wonderful job. What Peter doesn’t have is no one to be his best man.
The slightly effeminate Peter is comfortable with the opposite sex but just can’t connect with his own kind. With the prodding of his gay brother, Robby (SNL’s Andy Samberg) and his fiance, Zooey (Rashida Jones) they set Peter up on a series of “man dates” designed to help him find his best man.

In the process of his “man hunt,” true and awkward comedy ensues. But he finally meets his “soul brother mate” when free-spirited and somewhat primitive Sydney Fife (Jason Segal) crashes his open house. Soon the two are spending quality time together drawing extrovert Peter out of his shy shell. The two bond over their love of rock group, Rush, Sydney’s infamous “jerk off station” and Sydney’s dog, Anwar Sadat. Soon, Peter’s relationship with Zooey begins to suffer because of all of the attention he is spending with his new friend.

After appearing together in several films (“Knocked Up” and “Forgetting Sarah Marshall”), the chemistry between Rudd and Segal is electric on screen. The two play off each other well including a hilarious scene when Segal goads the real-life television “Incredible Hulk,” Lou Ferrigno into a fight. Blessed with an amusing screenplay and wonderful supporting cast including Jaime Pressly, J.K. Simmons and Jon Favreau, the film is irresistibly charming.

Putting a fresh and unexpected twist on a typical love story, the Apatow players continue to redefine comedy in Hollywood. There is a fine line between incredibly funny and incredibly crass and while the screenplay pushes up against the line, they never cross it. Maintaining a healthy balance between the gross and the funny, “I Love You, Man’s” heart is in the right place and the end result is comic gold!

Grade: B-




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