Hudson Set to Helm Oprah Biopic?

10 03 2009

The story of one of the most talked about women in media, Oprah Winfrey, may soon be coming to the big screen and if the producers have their way, Oscar-winner Jennifer Hudson will be the lead.

Producer John Dixon new unauthorized movie project on the media mogul will be the first attempt to tell the story of Winfrey’s humble beginnings in rural Mississippi to her rise as one of the richest and most powerful women on television. Along the way the story will cover Winfrey’s many trials and tribulations including her troubled childhood, to becoming an anchorwoman, her relationship with family and friends, her romance with Stedman Graham, her purchase of Harpo Studios, to her many humanitarian contributions.

According to Dixon, the idea was inspired partly be scores of both men and women who said Winfrey was their personal role model and/or hero. If you listen to Dixon there’s only one person to play the O,” actress/singer Hudson.

“I feel that Hudson will no doubt rein in another Academy nomination for her portrayal of Oprah. I see many similarities in Winfrey and Hudson, not only do they look and act alike as in (“The Color Purple” and “The Secret Life Of Bees”) but they also seem to have the same positive vibe.”

We see where Dixon is going but is it enough to say that since both Hudson and Winfrey looked beat down in films and bear some resemblance to each other that you can build a film around it? Maybe Dixon understands that Hudson’s Oscar and Winfrey’s name will provide a smoother road to getting this film made.

What do you think; can JHud channel “the O?”




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