Cover Girl | Rosario Dawson

26 02 2009

The “Seven Pounds” you hear are coming from our heart regarding luscious Latina Rosario Dawson. In a new interview in TMagazine for the New York Times, Dawson talks about her early influences, the role sex plays in her life and lessons she learned from her hilarious mother.

“My mom told me so much about sex at an early age that she scared me: I didn’t have sex until was 20. I got into trouble at school because one of my friends said, ‘‘lesbians do it with straws.’’ I said, ‘‘I can tell you how lesbians do it, and there are no straws involved!’’ But I think all that talk of sex put me off. The first time I had it, I think it was in a head-to-toe rubber. I was terrified of getting pregnant. My mom was planning to get an abortion when she was pregnant with me. She was at the clinic waiting for her appointment and she felt me move in her stomach. I always tell her it was probably gas. I thank God for gas.”

Rosario Dawson in her own words

Did Rosario say that her mom threatened to lick her in public? For many of her fans, that is probably not a bad idea at all!

To just be the thumb on Dawson’s hand above. Check out another arresting image of superfine Dawson below!





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27 02 2009
Uknow Brown

Shawty is a 10!

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